About IGA Institute for Glass Application


Wolf-Dietrich ChmieleckI was born on October 29, 1948 in Rastow, a small town in Mecklenburg near Schwerin.

In 1956, my parents fled from the FRG. After many interstations, we finally ended up in Lüdenscheid in the Sauerland region where I spent my childhood and adolescence until my study.

After an apprenticeship as millwright, I studied engineering at first, but then joined the FLACHGLAS AG to develop fittings for whole glass door systems in the applications technology department.

Following the motto “Once in the glass business, always in the glass business,” I have gained experience in glass technics for over two decades. I contributed to almost every national and European glass engineer standards and glazing directives and technical informations as well. Furthermore, I have designed security alarm glass and performed marketing and lobby activities.

Since 1999 I am acting as expert under oath.

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Since January 2002 Mr. Markus Backwinkel has been supporting me in office work. Mr. Backwinkel has studied physics at the University of Bochum.

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