Consulting in matters of glazing

The multitude and complexity of the existing sets of rules like engineer standards, directives, and regulations has become hardly manageable.

I have been a member of most committees that developed these sets of rules, and have participated in their development, e.g.:

  • The glazing directives for insulation glass of the FLACHGLAS AG.
  • The regulation DIN 18516-4 - facade panels from safety glass.
  • Several European regulations (glass thickness calculation, safety glass, laminated sheet glass, etc.).
  • Revision of the impactor for the pendulum impact test.

I support you in implementing these sets of rules.

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Support during construction phase

Supervision of glazing on-site regarding compliance with glazing regulations and sets of rules is a part of my offerings.

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Product design

For product design and further development according to new specifications, I provide support with expert knowledge.

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Obtaining of test reports / »Approval for individual cases«

Test reports are neccessary as a proof of compliance with the requirements of engineer standards and regulations.

This especially applies if building authorities demand proof for the security of the glazing of an individual construction project within the scope of an »approval for an individual case.«

In these cases, I coordinate the performance of tests and the application for and obtainment of an »approval for individual cases.«

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Editorial support

I provide consulting regarding development of technical information, brochures, and advertising material.

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